The EARL Spirit uniquely combines the aromatic flavors

of lemongrass and bergamot with the savory notes of

fine black tea blends and the curious piquancy of ginger. Our wheat distillate is filtered three times to make our

delicate spirit extra smooth. Perfect to serve as an

appetizer or digestif.


The term „Spirit“ originally stems from the Latin word „Spiritus“ and means breath or inspiration.


It is thus befitting that the story of The EARL Spirit begins with exactly that, a breath of inspiration:


Many years ago, a relative of Fabian Fuchs, co-founder of  The EARL Spirit, set about writing a manuscript for a spy novel akin to a certain British secret agent. However, this fictitious spy came from the other side of the iron curtain and thus didn’t stand up for “Queen and Country” but for the united workers of the world.


And rather than sipping on dry Martinis, his drink of choice was a peculiar black-tea macerated wheat distillate. The story of the Russian secret agent never managed to achieve the fame of his British counterpart and instead of collecting fans around the world, the would-be novel collected dust in some Berlin attic.

Many years later, while administering the estate of the late relative and unachieved author, Fabian Fuchs came across the long lost manuscript. And while the spirited literary outpour proved to be of little value, the agents spirituous pour-in (sorry) did even more-so.


Joined by his business partner Devran Sönmez, Fuchs began refining the recipe and developing the craftsmanship behind The EARL Spirit. In 2014 the duo produced a small test batch and received rave reviews from professional and non-professional drinkers. Thus to satisfy demand from tea-lovers and alcoholics alike, the young distillers decided to properly launch The EARL Spirit and enrich bars all around the world. Today, The EARL Spirit is produced in small batches, with a lot of craftsmanship, care and passion in the beautiful city of Berlin.



Cheers, Prost & L’Chaim


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